Fire alarm panel Teldata ONE, completely touch screen and expandable up to 9 loops.

Fire alarm panel Teldata ONE, completely touch screen and expandable up to 9 loops.

New fire alarm panel made ​​in italy, completely touch screen and expandable up to 9 loops.


  • Unique Design

    Unique Design

    A unique Italian design with programmable side led

  • Touch Interface

    Touch Interface

    A totally touch screen panel with easy use interface

  • Easily Customizable

    Easily Customizable

    Fully customizable for OEM, certificate, logo and color

  • All languages

    All languages

    A superior quantity of characters and symbols. Up to 111 languages

  • Wireless


    Hybrid solution for wired and wireless devices

  • Multi protocols

    Multi protocols

    Multi protocols device and detectors

  • Multi protocols device and detectors


    Auto addressing function with logical mapping position

  • Maximum expandability

    Maximum expandability

    Unlimited expansion up to 9 loop and 128 network panels

  • Redundancy


    Fully redundant solution for double security needs

  • Extinguish module

    Extinguish module

    Extinguish module option


HARDWARE features:
  • 32 bit microprocessor addressable control panel
  • 1 addressable loop with digital protocol
  • Expandable up to 9 loops
  • 240 addressable device each loop
  • Graphic touchscreen display (480x272 TFT 4.3”)
  • 14 front Leds
  • Programmable side led
  • 1 monitored output for siren or dialer (24Vdc 1A)
  • 1 Output 1A 30Vdc 120 Vac
  • 1 open collector output
  • 1 RS 485 line for peripherals
  • 1 RS 232/micro USB for programming or monitoring station
  • 56 led area (Optional board)
  • 1 Extinguishing channel (Optional board)
  • Fully redundant (Optional board)
  • Network management of group of fire panel (Optional board)
  • Ethernet 10 Mbit/s interface (Optional board)
  • Batteries capacity: 2 batteries of 17Ah each
  • Monitored power supply output 24 Vdc 500mA with short circuit protection
  • Dimensions: 390x390x100 mm
  • Power supply 230Vac
SOFTWARE features:
  • Touchscreen interface powerful and easy to use
  • Up to 240 addressable devices for loop
  • Hybrid fire panel for wired or wireless detectors
  • Up to 192 logic detection areas
  • 96 logic functions
  • More than 1000 events
  • Auto programming function of addressable devices
  • Auto addressing function of addressable devices
  • Function for device mapping
  • Network capability in order to build a huge system for size and number of devices
  • Management of more than 100 languages
  • Fully customizable with personal logo, color, touch screen and colored side leds
  • Management of a wide range of addressable devices:
  • Wired and wireless devices
  • Thermal , optical detectors mixed
  • Input Modules
  • Output Modules
  • Addressable button alarm
  • Addressable siren
  • Panel with capacity of management of devices with different protocols
  • Local and remote programming capability by dedicated software on serial or LAN / WAN
  • Protocol MODBUS RTU over IP
  • Product certified EN54-2 and EN54-4